James Arthur Ray’s Hidden Assets

The James Arthur Ray Legal Defense Fund

daisy_duke37Don’t forget James Ray’s most valuable and marketable asset. In fact, it’s such a great asset that most seminar companies would start bidding in the $100,000s to get their hands on it.

JRI’s eMail and Customer List.

Like Denise Milani in this picture, JRI’s assets are in plain sight. JRI’s marketing was conducted via email. I’d guesstimate James Ray’s double opt-in list at about 75,000+/-, which ain’t too shabby. Now you may be expecting James Ray to be packing something bigger…

Oh, James I thought it would be bigger… but honey, I used¬† steroids. I’m just sayin…

Many people saw instantly that James Ray was only about the money and they would have unsubscribed from his email list immediately.

In the world of email lists, a double opt-in list over 50,000 of ready to buy customers, is an awesome asset and worth some serious coinage to people wanting to be the next James Ray type¬† “seminar guru”… Every day the JRI list sits unused, it’s value decreases. I vote we put that sucker up on eBay and use the money to start the James Arthur Ray Legal Defense Fund. I’m betting the Anti-Defamation League won’t be making a contribution, but I’m sure they’d pass the hat for poor ole James Ray at the Transformational Leadership Council. Pass the hat my ass, let’s hold the auction for JRI’s assets at the TLC conference in January.