James Ray Trial Postponed

Yep, the victims that lived and the families of the deceased have to wait until 2011 for James Ray’s day in court… I guess having the trial going on the one year anniversary of the deaths in Sedona is NOT great timing…

I’m also guessing that the ratings of the recent tv programs showed that people are very interested about what happened in the sweat lodge run by Mr Ray.

James Arthur Ray’s contribution to Seminar Industry Regulation

Guest Post/Commentary Published By Request from “Write On”

Hi Terry,

I don’t know how to add a comment to your Blog, can you post this? Or at least answer, or both? Thanks bunches! And keep on writing Terry!

Wow! This is the most comprehensive information I have found on the whole James Ray (and the seminar / self-help/ coaching industry … all in one place. Great job! And good for Amy for following her conscience right out the door of JRI.

I have a question for you – didn’t you attend seminars that were with a company built on the foundation of EST, called Landmark, or something like that? I remember having a conversation with you and another person in that group. You were very into the whole scene at the time. I was not. You were engaged in “enrolling” people for the group. Have you had a change of mind/heart? Correct me if I’m wrong. Actually, I bet you have no problem setting the record straight at you see it – I mean that as a compliment to your inner core of strength!

You are not alone in your idea of the need to regulate the seminar/coaching/etc industry. And I agree! Not sure what kind of license could be required for seminars, but surely there must be a way to make it mandatory for people to show their actual training and credentials. And yes, if they are going to employ psychological therapy techniques, they should show they have the training/certification to do so. Perhaps “coaches” of any kind should be held to the same licensing laws as counselors?

I have a Master’s of Science degree in Psychology. Not a Master’s of Art. Science. I worked hard for that degree, and had a lot of supervision during and after my training. Every professional field has the burden of being marred by idiots within that field. Psychology is not exempt from this dilemma. Hence: licensure. Even so, there are licensed idiots out there causing havoc in people’s lives. So I wonder sometimes if it is really possible to fully regulate any field that claims to help others. Ultimately, people will have to regulate themselves when they sign up for an experience (whether it is free or they are paying an obscene $9000+). But how can they do that without FULL DISCLOSURE? Doesn’t seem the attendees of JRI have full disclosure, nor did they receive their “waiver” in a timely manner!

Your Blog offered lots of reading… I was horrified by the “waiver” JRI attendees sign… AFTER their 3 day refund period. Yikes!!! I have never used a Waiver. Therapists are required to carry Malpractice Insurance. Ya know… in case of MALPRACTICE, in which case, the therapist must be responsible to the injured person(s). Certainly I would never expect anyone to sign such a blatantly irresponsible Waiver like the one from JRI. Yep, I bet the Attendees that went, even after signing, surely never expected to be baked in a make-shift oven. Where are his real credentials to conduct a Sweat Lodge??

So that leaves me wondering…. How DO we empower others using our trained skills but NOT charge money in order to live? I don’t think you are advocating that people work for free. You are decrying the greed attached to many so-called self-help seminars and guru type businesses, right? I want to work to help others. You work to help others. We all need to be paid for our work and held accountable for what we do.

Keep writing! Thanks for all your hard work on your Blog!

James Arthur Ray’s Lawsuit Responses Due as Criminal Charges Get Closer


James Arthur Ray’s Response to the first civil lawsuits due this week.

The first civil lawsuits were filed against James Arthur Ray at the end of October. Civil Lawsuits require an Answer or Response be filed with the Court within 30 days. From what I’ve heard, Ray has hired some of the best lawyers in the Country to defend him. His response to the Civil Suits will be the first meaningful communication made by Ray or his people since killing 3 people in Sedona on October 8.

I’m sure that Ray’s legal team has used the very best legal endoscope to examine Ray’s every nook and cranny in order to defend their client. Here’s a sample of the types of things that may have been examined by James Ray’s new best friends (that money can buy):

  • Insurance policies reviewed.
  • Contracts with Angel Valley.
  • Who built what.
  • Who supplied materials to build the death lodge.
  • Confidentiality Agreements.
  • Non-disclosure agreements.
  • Arizona Law.
  • What happened at past events (injuries & deaths).
  • JRI’s event manuals, practices & policies.
  • “Waivers of Liability” & Disclosures signed by customers.
  • James Rays “credentials” to run sweat lodges and vision quests.
  • Ray has probably undergone Psychological Exams.
  • Results of James Ray’s team of investigators.

Ray’s Lawyers, after reviewing all this and working closely with Ray’s Director of “Ooooops” Megan Fredricksen (Megan reportedly ran JRI), will file Ray’s legal response this week. Ray’s response will be the first public statement by Ray and will reveal who they are blaming for the deaths in Sedona. Angel Valley will be certainly be counter sued and anyone else they feel will misdirect attention away from Ray, their client. My prediction is that Ray, et al. will put everyone on trial, including the victims in their response.

Immediately after Ray’s Civil Responses are due, the State of Arizona will be filing Criminal Charges if any against Ray.

Oprah Winfrey, James Arthur Ray & Expiring Dreams

If your like 100s of people that I know personally with a dream to be on “Oprah”. Your dream just got an expiration date. It looks and feels like Oprah is taking her show to cable in 2011. This is an excellent business move and promises to generate higher revenues.

oprah-tom-cruiseI personally know 100s of people with a big fat picture of Oprah right in the middle of their “vision board”. Oprah’s picture is there to “attract” them a spot on Oprah’s couch for instant Oprahfication to launch their project into the stratosphere of overnight success stories – Just like the Secret.

After James Arthur Ray received his Oprahfication for appearing in The Secret, his live selling seminars went from 10 to 15 in attendance to 700+, over night. This according to Dr. Gordon Ray. While some people want Oprah to have some responsibility for the 3 deaths caused by James “Death” Ray, I don’t see that. Oprah is an entertainer. Her show is entertainment. Very big business, but still entertainment. The problem with being human is that once we start getting successful, most of us stop doing and practicing what got us to be successful in the first place. In my opinion that’s what James Ray did.

Sweat Lodge DeathsI have no doubt that James Arthur Ray used everything that he talked about in his books and seminars to get him in the Secret, on Oprah and Larry King Live. But he stopped practicing what he was preaching and the result is 3 dead in Sedona and 1 dead in San Diego.

Now, if you want to be on Oprah, you have a deadline or a “by when”. It’s said that the only difference in a result and bullsh*t is by when. Oprah’s syndicated show is ending so you now have a by when. You can write that book, make that movie and do what it is that you need to do to get on Oprah and receive your instant Oprahfication!

Also, you will want to receive your Oprahfication before 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar… Just in case!

Is James Arthur Ray’s Dir of “Ooops” Jumping Ship?

Yes I know that I called Megan Fredrickson the Director of “Ooops” at JRI. And yes, I know that her real title is Director of Operations. But it seems that one of her main accountabilities is handling the “Oooops” moments at JRI. I bet Megan is finding out that it’s a lot easier to cover up 1 dead customer dressed as a homeless person than 3 dead and 19 injured when you have 30 other witnesses… Ya Think?

Anyway, it seems that at sometime within the past few days Megan has updated her LinkedIn Profile and interests to include “Career Opportunities”. (One of the complaints about LinkedIn is that they are too transparent and any yahoo can look at your profile.) 😉 So it seems.

I guess that Megan’s profile could mean that I can contact her about “career opportunities” at JRI, but I don’t think that James Ray is adding staff right now, except for lawyers, private investigators and spin doctors. And, I imagine James is hiring these people directly and not through his Director of Ops.

Megan is also interested in “expertise requests” – now this is very interesting. Expertise about what? Oh yes, if you have an “Oooops” call her and if there aren’t too many witnesses, she can help you cover it up. Or maybe Megan’s expertise is in “How NOT to do things the first 2.5 weeks after your Boss kills 3 people in a sweat tent”.

Is Megan updating her LinkedIn profile a sign that JRI is about to close the doors (a good way to avoid giving refunds to customers) or has Megan read the writing on the Sweat Tent wall and preparing for the inevitable? Hmmmm, it may be that she’s tired of the way her boss and guru are doing business.