Something is Conspicuously Missing from James Arthur Ray / JRI Disclaimers & Waivers

James-Arthur-Ray_Grim_ReaperNo Where in the Spiritual Warrior Waivers and Disclaimers is it mentioned that it was James Ray’s intention in the Spiritual Warrior Seminar to take customers to the brink of death for an Out of Body type Spiritual Experience. James Ray decided and planned for this “good day to die” long before his customers showed up in Sedona.  He orchestrated a 5 day seminar to take them there.

He did NOT inform them when he took their money of his plans to endanger their lives. When he finally did tell his customers that he may be planning a sweat lodge, he did not disclose his plans to take them to the brink of death! Ray’s Spiritual Warrior Seminar was his own personal version of Flatliners and he assumed as all Gods Do, that he knew what was best for other human beings.

When JRI customers were informed that they had bought a “spiritual seminar” involving the fictitious character Carlos Casteneda which “may” include a vision quest & sweat lodge it was well after their refund period. When customers want a refunds, the seminar & self-help industry really shines. They “coach” you. In this context, coaching is a persuasive technique that supposes that the customer actually knew what they were doing when they bought the product or seminar. The presumption is that the customer’s “unconscious mind” would not have allowed the person to buy the seminar unless there was some big cheese benefit (unbeknown to the conscious mind). A good “coach” will reconnect a customer to their dreams and close them again on the seminar or product. If that fails, most Seminar Companies have a strict no-refunds policy and basically say screw you, you’re not getting your money back.

Bottom line: James Arthur Ray decided that it was in the best interests of his customers to take them to the brink of death for an OBE (out of body experience). But he did not inform them of this fact and the risks involved in this type of activity. He  counted their  “trust” and his charisma and charm to get him through another Spiritual Warrior ( I wonder if his charms will work on an Arizona Jury?). In my opinion, James Arthur Ray played Russian Roulette with the lives of his clients and the clients lost. They lost their lives.

roulette-revolverJames Ray and his legal team are saying that James Ray informed his customers that they were about to play Russian Roulette and that it was the customers who were holding the gun and who pulled the trigger. That James Ray is NOT guilty of anything wrong. Simply another victim in a horrible accident.

Well Mr Brad Brian & Mr James Ray, you forgot one thing in this little game you are reconstructing as you prepare to defend Mr Ray. James Arthur Ray DID NOT INFORM his customers that this particular version of Russian Roulette was being played with Live Ammunition and not Blanks. It was NOT reasonable to assume that any of JRI’s customers knew that it was the James Ray’s intention to take them to the edge of physical death at the Spiritual Warrior Seminar.

James Ray, you provided the live ammo and loaded the guns. You then put the guns into the hands of unsuspecting customers who loved, adored and trusted you with their lives. You killed them in the exact same way any person who drives drunk takes another human life when they get behind the wheel. More importantly, you did this deliberately and with the specific knowledge that people may die. And this was not the first time someone died from your actions.