Spiritual NOT Religious The simmering de…

Spiritual NOT Religious
The simmering debate about the difference between “being Spiritual” vs “being Religious” is getting main stream attention. Events like James Arthur Ray killing 3 in a pseudo spiritual sweat lodge coinciding with the Catholic Church finally starting to take some accountability for centuries of sexual abuse, have people starting to think. Thinking is good. 😀

No matter what you are, walk your damn talk and be congruent with your stated beliefs…


The High Cost of Smoking – YIKES!

Okay, so you’ve thought about quitting smoking, but you just can’t stop?

Terry Hall the BizSayer Says: Think about this the next time you buy a pack of “Pall Mall” cigarettes. Smoothe…

Embedded video from CNN Video

As an after thought, if our Government were to buy Pall Malls, this is whht they would pay.

BizSayer Says: Today Your Life Changes!

Many people and cultures feel that each day is a reminder of the cycle of birth and life. Their experience is reinforced by the changing seasons. If you can take 3 minutes to quiet and calm you mind to see this way of thinking, you can experience “enlightenment” or being “one with god”.

This experience is a gift to oneself, very personal, private. It’s in this renewal, rebirth or being “born again” that your life changes today. As your going about your daily tasks “know” that you’re the grand architect of your life.

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To allow your intuition and knowing guide your choices and decisions while taking actions consistent with your commitments will change your life today.