BizSayer Asks: Are you a bozo?

I have been a business owner for almost 25 years and there is one thing that is 100% certain. Typos and grammatical mistakes bring out the Nazi in people… Yikes!

Try this, send out an email to 1000 people with one minor but common typo… and see who and how they reply. SOme point out the mistake in true contribution and respectfully. While others are down right nasty and derogatory. It’s not pretty…

Here’s the greater point of this post and for your consideration. Are you playing the game of life & business full out or trying to be perfect? If you’re a fan of sports, you know that on the court – mistakes happen. Business, just like sports has winners and losers.

WITH ONE BIG EXCEPTION: In Business The Only Losers Are Those That Don’t Play.

If you’re playing full out in life or in business you’re going to make mistakes. What matters is how you recover from the mistakes. Also, in business and in life there are critics, naysayers and all around jerks that can’t wait to jump on any and every mistake that YOU/I make… More power to them, I only ask is that the best place to put you attenting and intention?

BizSayer Asks: Are you happy?

As an intuitive consultant, I provide both personal consultations for people about business, life and relationships. The type of intuitive work I do has not remember specifics (intuitive information passes through my mind and never reaches my long term memory) I do remember broad stroke details and general feelings.

Here’s how to save time and money on all types of counseling and consulting…

Be Happy! Do what makes you happy.

I am not saying to avoid your responsibilities, commitments or to cause harm for others. What I am saying is to listen to your heart, your inner voice of knowing and do what makes you happy, gives you joy and fulfills you.

The very best way that you can save the planet, build a successful business & raise wonderful children is to be happy. The only way that I’ve found to be truly happy is to create a “balance sheet” for your life. List your assets and liabilities in these areas of your life.

  • Relationships
  • Vocation/Career
  • Health & Well Being
  • Wealth & Financial
  • Spiritual

Look at where you’re at, what you’re doing and what you’ve got (+/-) and then checkin to see if you’re happy. If not, what can you change, make different alter to be happy. Happiness is your choice and your responsibility.  The last part to consider is that you can not change anything outside yourself only your experience and acceptance.

BizSayer Says: Results Follow Action

Results follow actions

A quick check in to see if you’re in the right place:

  • Are you happy with your bank balances?
  • Are you happy with your relationships?
  • Are you happy with your physical body?
  • Are you happy?

According to the Dalai Lama, we’re here to find happiness. Pretty simple. Or is it?

Being happy is a choice albeit a conscious choice. Happiness is a choice. Your choice. I know – So What – Now What…

No matter where you’ve been or where you want to go, you can only start where you’re at right now. Hence the questions at beginning of this article: Are you happy with… If you’re not happy with any of the tangible results in your life, first you’ve gotta accept the results as the results – “no shame, no blame”. Simply, I’m happy and these are the results that I’ve produced, so for: X, Y & Z

The Results that I had prefer are: X+ more $$, Y + more sex, Z less 25 pounds. Now you have some destinations in your life. You’re here and XYZ address and you’re going to X+,Y+ & Z less…

Here is a simple formula to get from where ever you are to where ever you want to be. It’s simple and it works.

  1. Right meditation: Get present – here & now.
  2. Right thought: Get Happy. Accept what’s so, be happy, set your intentions to getting to where you want to go.
  3. Right Action: What is my next step for X, Y & Z to get me to where I want to go.
  4. Results: Notice where your actions have taken you and start over at 1.

Consciousness, Awareness and Intention are your tools to getting to where ever it is that you want to get to and when  practiced mindfully and continually you will be happy all the time and have what it is that you want.

BizSayer Says: Today Your Life Changes!

Many people and cultures feel that each day is a reminder of the cycle of birth and life. Their experience is reinforced by the changing seasons. If you can take 3 minutes to quiet and calm you mind to see this way of thinking, you can experience “enlightenment” or being “one with god”.

This experience is a gift to oneself, very personal, private. It’s in this renewal, rebirth or being “born again” that your life changes today. As your going about your daily tasks “know” that you’re the grand architect of your life.

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Today as you are trying to decide which of the “top 10 home based business” opportunities is right for you and your family, remember to consider businesses that your passionate about (the product, service or benefit) and take advantage of your talents. Use your intuition to direct you in selecting an economic engine that leverages your passions and talents and you will have a successful home business. Here are some recommendations for top 10 home based business opportunities.

If your economic engine is a MLM or network marketing business then you’ll need “network marketing software” – I have not used this system, but it come highly recommended. For networking marketing software, check out and see what you think.

Any person that is marginally aware should consider “starting green businesses”. Going Greem in business is go for business, good for the our planet and good for YOU. Feel free to check out our @bizOmundo member site at – and following your heart to Go Green, can add Green to your bank account. Both types of Green are good.

To allow your intuition and knowing guide your choices and decisions while taking actions consistent with your commitments will change your life today.

the BizSayer Predicts: Social Networking Doesn’t…

the BizSayer Predicts:

You’re social networking doesn’t even pay for your internet connection each month. Much less that time that you spend in social networking activities. The simple truth is that social networking can get visitors to your site, but they’re not the right visitors because they don’t optin or buy.

the BizSayer recommends bizOmundo – the network that promotes YOU and Your Business – here’s one of bizOmundo’s strategies to get the right visitors to your site – read “T” is for Traffic.

the BizSayer is Terry Hall, a web integrator and business intuitive. Ask Terry Hall your business questions and get his intuitive business insights. Simply login and post your question on – if you’re like most people, you’ll be impressed with his accuracy.

BizSayer Says: No One visits Facebook to buy…

BizSayer Says: 98% of your time on Social Networking sites is wasted time.

Ask Terry Hall: Business Intuitive.

No one goes to social networking sites to buy, only to sell.

Is anyone besides Mari Smith, the Pied Piper of Facebook making money on Facebook and social networking. I know that the social networking sites and the people selling you information about how to make money on social networking sites, Well they’re making money. What about you?  As Arsenio Hall would say, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The fact is that people do make sales from social networking sites. I’ve personally gotten 2 clients for one of my projects directly from – and that’s it. It’s simple, people go to networking sites and networking events to sell, not to buy – the clients I did get, bought advertising at my other site (to sell their stuff).

When people are ready to buy they:

  • Use whomever they used the last time
  • Ask for a referral.
  • “Google it”

Social Networks & Social Networking” does get traffic/visits to your site, but are you converting those visitors into potential clients? Arsenio again: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Whether it’s Mari Smith or any other information seller or guru, be sure that you recall the punch line of the “pied piper” story – the kids followed and never returned to their parents. So before you “invest your time, money or both” into elaborate “social networking” and “social media” campaigns, be sure that you have a specific call to action for people when they get to your website.

Visit Mari Smith’s site and see where she leads the “droves looking to make money social networking” that follow her to (note: Mari’s site is solidly in the top 100,000 websites in the world – she gets traffic and this is but one of her many sites.) – remembering that people go to “social networking sites” to sell – not to buy.

That being said: “I predict that you if you don’t have a strategy how to get people into your pipeline, 98% of your social networking time is wasted.”

Top 10 Home Businesses

BizSayer Predicts: Follow this advice and your business will succeed.

-Ask Terry Hall @Business Intuitive

For over 20 years, I’ve given totally free psychic readings. It’s been my hobby, my passion and my way of giving something back. Here’s the problem the anything that is “Totally Free”: It sucks or it ain’t really free. Either way, you get exactly what you pay for in life.

If you’re looking for the Top 10 Home Businesses, you’re already doomed to failure. Let me explain, whatever you decide to do “strategically” or “analytically” to solve a problem is from your head and not your heart. Heart has businesses succeed where the analytics invites failure.

The Top 10 Home Business Ideas:

  • Generates sufficient revenue – to pay you, your bills and your business expenses.
  • Is based on your passion or passions.
  • Exploits your talents.
  • Adds value to others (from their view, not your own).
  • Allows 95%++ automation.
  • Involves little or no physical inventory of any kind.
  • Allows for flexibility, but offers structure.
  • Has discreet and will defined systems.
  • Creates repeat or residual income (sell it once collect monthly).
  • From your point of view is fun and stimulating.

There’s only one business that will meet all of these criterion and it may take you several attempts to find your exact business model/structure. BTW if you want help, contact me and we’re get this resolved to you.


BizSayer Says: It’s all about time

the BizSayer predicts that:

  • You have no time.
  • You’re Feeling Overwhelmed.
  • You’re Anxious.
  • You’re Stressed to the max.

Yep. That’s what my intuitive insight is seeing today.

Right now you’re thinking:

1) “Dang – how did he know?” or

2) “Another fortune cooking psychic – telling me what I already know!”

What ever you’re thinking, you’re right! You’re absolutely right. When you get past you amazement or disdain, there’s another question that may be worth your consideration. What advice and recommendations does this guy have. Now that’s an interesting question….

As an intutive consultant and business intuitive for over the past 20 years, I know that 99.9% of all people ask the same set of questions. But here’s the part that never ceases to amaze me. The specific answers, the nuances and the subleties in the ways that the answers are delivered in just the right way that the person that I’m consulting can understand what is being said. Well if they choose to understand.

Here are 3 general things that you can do today to lessen the level of stress, overwhelm and anxiety you experience in your life and make time an allie.

  1. Get a journal and write down everything in your head and I means everything.
  2. Take 10 minutes – just 10 minutes for a quick mental vacation – someplace that you really enjoy. Go there in your mind and relive the experience. Set a clock so you don’t take an unscheduled 2 week vacation. 😀
  3. Do and Complete the 1 thing that scares, annoys of angers you the most. (make the phone call, return the email, clean off your desk, get a hair cut).

If you do these 3 things today, you will wake up tomorrow with a completely different experience of life.

Today The BizSayer predicts: * Someone …

Today The BizSayer predicts:

* Someone with a very sexy female picture will follow you on twitter.
* Someone will send “Spam eMail” to you.
* Out of the blue you will think about someone from your past but you won’t contact them.
* You will really consider joining that MLM that people have been talking about.
* You will spend too much time in areas that don’t get your paid or finish your projects.
* I will write something that has typos or grammatical errors.

The BizSayer and Ask Terry Hall are for real. You may wonder how I can make such bold predictions and be so darn accurate. It’s simple nothing new ever happens in life, it just happens to different people. I’ve been a practicing intuitive since 1987 and there’s one thing for sure – everyone that I’ve read for, consulted with and coached has the same problem/issue – they don’t trust their intuition enough to muster the courage to do the one thing right now that will have their life be exactly what they say they want.

Courage comes from trust and trust comes from listening to the voice of God that resides in each one of us (this voice has many names – i call it intuition). Take 10 minutes to quiet your mind and calm your emotions – listen and choose what you want.

Let me know how accurate my predictions are for you. 😀