Today The BizSayer predicts: * Someone …

Today The BizSayer predicts:

* Someone with a very sexy female picture will follow you on twitter.
* Someone will send “Spam eMail” to you.
* Out of the blue you will think about someone from your past but you won’t contact them.
* You will really consider joining that MLM that people have been talking about.
* You will spend too much time in areas that don’t get your paid or finish your projects.
* I will write something that has typos or grammatical errors.

The BizSayer and Ask Terry Hall are for real. You may wonder how I can make such bold predictions and be so darn accurate. It’s simple nothing new ever happens in life, it just happens to different people. I’ve been a practicing intuitive since 1987 and there’s one thing for sure – everyone that I’ve read for, consulted with and coached has the same problem/issue – they don’t trust their intuition enough to muster the courage to do the one thing right now that will have their life be exactly what they say they want.

Courage comes from trust and trust comes from listening to the voice of God that resides in each one of us (this voice has many names – i call it intuition). Take 10 minutes to quiet your mind and calm your emotions – listen and choose what you want.

Let me know how accurate my predictions are for you. 😀

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