James Arthur Ray’s Lawsuit Responses Due as Criminal Charges Get Closer


James Arthur Ray’s Response to the first civil lawsuits due this week.

The first civil lawsuits were filed against James Arthur Ray at the end of October. Civil Lawsuits require an Answer or Response be filed with the Court within 30 days. From what I’ve heard, Ray has hired some of the best lawyers in the Country to defend him. His response to the Civil Suits will be the first meaningful communication made by Ray or his people since killing 3 people in Sedona on October 8.

I’m sure that Ray’s legal team has used the very best legal endoscope to examine Ray’s every nook and cranny in order to defend their client. Here’s a sample of the types of things that may have been examined by James Ray’s new best friends (that money can buy):

  • Insurance policies reviewed.
  • Contracts with Angel Valley.
  • Who built what.
  • Who supplied materials to build the death lodge.
  • Confidentiality Agreements.
  • Non-disclosure agreements.
  • Arizona Law.
  • What happened at past events (injuries & deaths).
  • JRI’s event manuals, practices & policies.
  • “Waivers of Liability” & Disclosures signed by customers.
  • James Rays “credentials” to run sweat lodges and vision quests.
  • Ray has probably undergone Psychological Exams.
  • Results of James Ray’s team of investigators.

Ray’s Lawyers, after reviewing all this and working closely with Ray’s Director of “Ooooops” Megan Fredricksen (Megan reportedly ran JRI), will file Ray’s legal response this week. Ray’s response will be the first public statement by Ray and will reveal who they are blaming for the deaths in Sedona. Angel Valley will be certainly be counter sued and anyone else they feel will misdirect attention away from Ray, their client. My prediction is that Ray, et al. will put everyone on trial, including the victims in their response.

Immediately after Ray’s Civil Responses are due, the State of Arizona will be filing Criminal Charges if any against Ray.

5 thoughts on “James Arthur Ray’s Lawsuit Responses Due as Criminal Charges Get Closer

  1. James Ray’s response to past law suits is to throw money and non-disclosure/confidentialty thingies all over the place until the problem goes away. I don’t think that will work this time though. It will be interesting to see if he *tries*.

    • Yep, that is the American way 😉
      James Ray can only have contingency plans until/if criminal charges are filed against him. The nature of any criminal charges filed against James Ray will dictate and possibly mandate his strategy for dealing with the civil lawsuits.
      My best prediction is jail time and bankruptcy for James Arthur Ray. From everything I’ve seen about Arizona, Ray picked the wrong state to kill customers.

  2. This tragic event should never have happened. James Ray should have stuck to his fine mentoring lectures like fellow teachers Randy Gage and Dov Baron.
    Sadly, the tragic unstudied version of the fine Native American traditions is what was wrong, not the law of attraction.
    The media has now caused a pig pile of people upon the entire self-development arena by people, many of whom couldn’t tell you one sentence about the law of attraction.
    Joel Osteen delivers the same message every Sunday to a totally filled compaq center, is this all a giant fraud?
    Charles Haanel taught it as a course called the master key system in the early 1900’s to businessmen. They liked it so much they tried to buy it and keep it a secret. Were these already successful businessmen fraud victims?
    Check any list of the traits/habits/beliefs of very successful people and they will boil down to what is being taught by mentors about the law of attraction.
    Are all these successful people like Donald Trump and/or Mother Theresa victims of fraud?
    If so, this is the best and most beneficial fraud in the history of man.
    Sadly, critical thinking is becoming more and more of a lost art in our world as people get dumbed down to 15 second sound bites and tweets.

    • Thanks loa.fan, I consider myself a “practitioner” of LOA and agree with you. Where I see the problem is the examples you site are the exceptions not the rule which are repeatedly cited in by the “quick results” segment of the self-help / personal development industry. The “You can have _______ too, but only if you buy what I’m selling.” are the perpetrators of the “fraud”.
      In my personal experience, I know that my “mental control” directly affects my life and results. For me, meditation works to control my mind. Once my mind is in control, two things occur: 1) I can see things as they really are. 2) I can chose a thought or thoughts I want to have in any given situation. For me this creates harmony.
      When I have failed and stumbled (which has been often), it is because I was not in control of my mind and acting/reacting automatically to my environment.
      What I like about your comment is that the “lists of attributes” your refer too are readily available online, at the library or in used books on Amazon and/or eBay. A person who wants to master and take control of their lives can do so at any time. Without paying a “Guru” high 4 or 5 figures to get information that is abundantly available everywhere, if we choose to see it.
      There is no short cut to success, happiness or wealth. Each is a destination we will arrive at, in time and on time. Look at James Arthur Ray’s example. He taught “Harmonic Wealth”, but his actions have caused disharmony in the lives of so many people. The families of the dead. The employees that lost their jobs. Customers who will likely never receive the seminars or a refund. The lives of everyone who makes a living from the seminar industry. His life and the lives of his family.
      My last comment is to your first statement “This tragic event should never have happened.” I have to disagree with. It had to happen, because it did happen. Everyone involved acted accordingly to what they thought was right at the time and we all are still doing so. The question is how do we stop more people from dying while the “seminar gurus” are learning how this stuff works in their own lives?

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